Vermicompost From Flower Waste

Basic Vermicomposting Procedure
May 6, 2014
What is Vermiculture?
May 8, 2014
Vermicomposting is one of the ecofriendly technologies for flower waste management., since it outstrip the problem of organic waste disposal and also alleviates the odor problem. Vermicomposting cleans the environment and also provides remunerative organic manure. Hence awareness should be created among flower growers, sellers, consumers and waste handling persons to adopt vermicomposting in a large scale to have clean environment.

  • FOR FLOWER waste vermi-composting flower waste and cow dung are mixed in equal quantity(5kg each)
  • For vermicomposting, flower waste should due to low availability of low nutrients and be mixed with other organic wastes preferably cow dung.(5 kg each)
  • About 60 g of earthworms will be introduced into partially digested material kept in a vermibed and moisture level is maintained at 60 per cent.
  • After the 45th day,  when the composting process is over the worms weight increased by 85 per cent. The amount of finished vermicompost obtained is 2.57 kg.

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