COVID-19 Relief Fund


Since we are facing unprecedented crises with Coronavirus COVID-19 causing mayhem worldwide, all our efforts are currently focussed on providing relief to society at large to fight this pandemic. Please contribute to our Funds on Ketto Here
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Coronavirus pandemic is the biggest challenge our mankind is facing right now

COVID19 Does Not Discriminate between Rich & Poor. We need to protect underprivileged people, not only to help them but to help ourselves too! We are raising funds to distribute Masks & Hand Sanitizers to people who cannot afford it. Everybody needs protection, whether they can afford it or not.

With the Coronavirus panic, we might be well equipped with Hand Sanitizers, Hand Wash, Vitamin C & Face Masks in our households but the daily wagers & BPL population like your sabji wala, your rag picker, rickshaw wala, slum dwellers and lower income people do not have the resources to spend their already scarce money on them (They are barely scraping to put food on the table in these testing times). They are also part of the chain we are trying to break to curb the spread of COVID19
The problem is, COVID19 is a communicable disease and it spreads from anyone to everyone. It does not discriminate and the only solution is social distancing & protection for EVERYONE. We are trying to give our two cents to equip the population to fight this epidemic & BREAK THE CHAIN by providing them basic masks, cleaning aids & Vitamin C Tablets.
Talwar Medicos is a 40 Year Old Retail Pharmacist and we cater to the entire Naraina Area that includes the Naraina Village. With the Onset of CORONAVIRUS, we have been trying to help each and everyone with protecting themselves and their loved ones, whether they have money in their pocket or not.
We are trying to take this initiative to a bigger level and set Naraina Vihar as an example to showcase how to break the chain and fight this disease. We will be distributing Face Masks, Hand Wash, Hand Sanitizers, Vitamin C Tablets, Soaps etc at Talwar Medicos (Which will remain open as a part of essential services group). The Fund will be used separately for Free Distribution of COVID19 induced requirements for people who need them but cannot pay for them.
Being the oldest Retailer in the area and having pharmacists present every time, we understand the people around and their requirements, making this one of your most judicious donation that goes directly for the cause.
The results, updates and fund allocation will be published on regularly. Please contribute as much as you can to help this cause & help YOURSELF!
Please contribute generously to our donation page on Ketto HERE


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